Movement, Expression, Technique, Discipline, Rigour, Experiences, Joy, Friendship

Training Program

The GYDTP has been training young dancers ages 4-18 since 2006. We are proud to offer a supportive and trusting environment where dancers can be nurtured both technically and creatively and inspired by the professional teachers we bring into the program.

Guelph Youth Dance Training Program stresses the importance of discipline, technique and creative expression, as well as the joy of contemporary dance. This is a dance program that promises thorough training, as well as the opportunity for young people to discover their own unique language, all supported by a healthy, positive learning environment.

“A unique program with the values and learning opportunities I want my kids to gain through dance.”


Guelph Youth Dance Company and Apprentice Companies provide serious young dancers ages 10-18 with opportunities to work with a variety of professional choreographers and to perform regularly throughout the year. The company experience is inspiring, challenging and deeply enriching for young dancers considering a profession in dance.

“This is so much more than dance – this is instilling a sense of confidence and inner strength in our youth.”